Monday, December 27, 2010


I have no idea what I'm going to write about on here but I figured I'd start a blog for the heck of it.

So why not talk about my name for the blog. Obviously it came from the best action movie ever made, Die Hard.

That movie had everything and anybody who thinks there is a better one out there is nuts. Back then movies didn't need to be some dumbed down, over bloated sack of crap like they are now. No fake barf worthy cgi effects like Die Hard 4 or Indiana Jones 4, just an all around good movie.

Heck it can be added to anyone must watch christmas movies each year. The rest off them are ok enough movies, but nothing will ever beat the first movie, even if they are making a 5th and 6th one.

A side not being that it will overtake lethal weapon by 2, another series that was great. The first two movies were awesome in that series, the last two ok enough.

Anyway that's enough for now, let's see if I stick with this, thanks for reading.